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    Many Still Scared to Fly ?

    My wife and I flew EDI-KOI in June of this year. The airport was dead, only saw two flights on the departure board, but our flight was full.
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    Orkney to Mansfield

    My use of the term "Quite Busy" was somewhat tongue in cheek. In the vide there seems to be hardly any traffic but I don't know what time the video was done. There was hardly any traffic on the road. This is Part I of the video Part 2 this is where it seems very quiet
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    Orkney to Mansfield

    It seem that you have had experience of driving up the A9. I have just watched a video of the journey between Inverness and Thurso. Is the road normally "That busy?"
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    As a matter of interest how does the luggage space on the new stock compare with the space on the previous type?
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    Railway books discussion

    I liked "London's Metroplitan Railway" by Alan A. Jackson. Not only because I worked on the Met for 6 years but I met his daughter in June and had a wonderful conversation about her father and my time on the Met
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    Competition for new location of GBR Headquarters

    All for Mansfield and as you say even better Shirebrook .Just up the road from me. I would actually plump for Derby.
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    TV advert reminiscences

    Does anybody remember an advert for Ford Motor Cars that seemed to last for about 5 mins or did I dream it?
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    Poor weather this weekend (02/10)

    Just spoken to friends of mine in Orkney via Alexa. They report it's bright and breezy up there but no rain.
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    Stagecoach industrial action across the UK

    Yes they certainly are. All the mothers in our village are up in arms. They are asking how do they get their children to school in the next village.
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    Poor weather this weekend (02/10)

    Where I am it's been persistently raining since about 1100hrs. Not torrential but persistent. However looking at a Weymouth webcam the weather down there seems pretty atrocious.
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    Orkney to Mansfield

    Thanks for that advice. After a lot of research we came to the same conclusion. So not only are we driving up to Scrabster but taking the car over on the ferry to Stromness. Will be stopping at Pitlochry on the way up. Then on the way back a quick overnight Premier Inn in Thurso then a slow...
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    Orkney to Mansfield

    You are but I wanted to get them in advance at my local staffed ticket office. I wasn't sure if a Scotrail would recognise a TfL issued PTAC. One of the member of the Booking Office team my in my local station (Worksop) had never seen one.
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    Orkney to Mansfield

    We are considering driving all the way to Scrabster. Parking our car at the port and going over in our friends' car as they get a discount being Islanders. That way, as we we don't know when we will be coming back we can do the return journey at our leisure instead of worrying about booking...
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    Orkney to Mansfield

    That means getting the 0630? ferry I believe.
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    Comedic "things you would ban" (i.e. minor things that annoy you in a lighthearted way)

    People who run their engines on their enormous cruisers on the Norfolk Broads when there is no need to. Particularly when i am moored next to them in my Rag and Stick.