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    Motor Luggage Vans

    Wasn't there some examples in the North? Maybe on the Tyneside lines and later transferred to Merseyside.
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    Strange loop/siding east of Haltwhistle

    I was involved in the project by on site supervision on Sat Nights back in 1992. Job covered by Tech Staff from Leeds ACE's office as the Newcastle -- Carlisle was part of our area.
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    Lelant Station - mystery centre rails

    No Butterfly / Gathering area in the photo. Is there one at the other end?
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    Newquay Airport and Air Force One

    I was under the impression that any fixed wing plane with the president on board automatically assumed the designation of Air Force One. No matter what its normal status was. Similarly for Marine One as long as it is a Marine Corps Helicopter.
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    HS2 construction updates

    Why did the BBC call it a Drill?
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    Maxmium possible speed a unit can do

    The maximum any unit can do is the authorised speed limit for that unit on that track as stated in the SA. Unless otherwise informed for testing purposes.
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    Entire 800/801/802 fleet stood down for safety checks

    Is it also a result of working to a limit state rather than building in a tolerance?
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    Locomotive Restoration & Overhaul

    A number of railways around the country and also some engineering firms do work of this nature. The Railway works tend to make use of spare capacity to do contract work. The engineering firms are in it for the work.
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    Cutting and Welding of Switch Crossing

    Would Track Gauge have any effect on the answer?
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    East-West Rail (EWR): Oxford-Bletchley construction progress

    Don't worry about that, the Buddleia will move in soon enough.:lol:
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    What is this track cabling and yellow box? (Photo)

    They make great targets for Tamper clamps.:lol:
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    Nant Helen 110mph Test Track & Rail Technology Centre

    The only way for this site to be competitive with the likes of Velim or Wildenrath,would be if there was a direct Maritime connection.
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    Rubber Signals

    Am I correct in the belief that some ground sigals had rubber discs due to tight clearances and overhangs? Ely Springs to mind for some reason.
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    Kings Cross ‘uncrossed’ Layout/Remodelling - Information and Updates

    In nearly every clip you can spot workmen standing / sitting idle using phones or other devices. Some may be official but I doubt all are. In any PTS I thought all phones should be off unless required.
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    2 GBRf Class 66s to be used on NYMR for Mission: Impossible filming

    At least one of the 66's has left the NYMR Parked up in the Highway Man Cafe layby on the A64 at 18.30 today. NE of York.