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    Photo of Nightstar destinations on live departure boards

    Yes, your passports are taken from you and stamped, visas are *thoroughly* checked, and also done twice, seperately by the Finns and the Russians, and they do ask questions - so not the same, probably more complex, especially as Allegro doesn't have any security at the stations, you can...
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    Photo of Nightstar destinations on live departure boards

    Because the UK is "special". THis point has been raised before: because of the "threat of immigrants", security, etc etc this can not be done. There are older posts on this exact subject. I raised it once regarding the controls on the Finland-Russia trains but was told (quite clearly) by...
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    Many Still Scared to Fly ?

    I don't have much choice. One of the good things is that airports are much quieter, though last year losing access to business lounges was a problem. On the other hand I've never had such a good experience at Heathrow both in and outbound - no queues, empty shops, seats etc. Masks aren't really...
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    Malta Metro

    Nothing to Mdina following the original railway line and as for Gozo, at least a line to the port at Cirkewwa would have been interesting. On the other hand still lots of interesting busses to ride there.
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    Foreign OTT/RTT-style maps and timings.

    In Finland someone has put together a very good website collecting all the public railway data feeds: All in Finnish, but Google Translate works well The live map is here: Latest reports...
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    Technology in Railway

    A "new" term for anything with sensors connected to the internet (mobile, IP, bluetooth, zigbee etc). Raspberry Pi and smaller typically. ALso a great way of keeping cybersecurity people in jobs forever 8-)
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    European Destination

    Helsinki - though I recommend avoiding November, come in January/February when there's proper snow. Good tram network, commuter ferry, three commuter lines, a metro which you can ride the entire system in about an hour or less. Ferry to Tallin takes about 2 hours for an interesting day-trip...
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    Wi-fi on trains

    GSM-R has its own frequency allocation to which "normal" consumer devices have no access. One of the major issues with GSM-R now is that this band is often swamped by interference from much higher powered base stations on nearby channels. In order to provide better service operators add more...
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    Why would anyone buy new sleeper stock when cross border services are dying out?

    Actually, this is one of the things that would make sleepers more attractive to me. For a lot of business travel a large room in a hotel or a whole compartment on a sleeper train is wasted. A capsule design also allows a higher density of passengers - I'd even take a capsule for day time...
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    Are there any gas lit carriages in preseevation and can they be run in service??

    I remember my parent's touring caravan having gas lighting...complete with thorium oxide gas mantles --- you can add radioactivity to the list of risks :-)
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    Finland Bridge links Vladivostok and Helsinki

    I think the only ferries that carry rail wagons leave from the Port of Hanko, and I'm not 100% sure that still happens these days. If as the article points out the trains will go to Vuosaari then from there it is likely that the containers will end upon ships to Travemunde (seems to be a...
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    Finland Bridge links Vladivostok and Helsinki

    No, none of the Finnish ports are closed by ice during winter. The state here keeps a fleet of icebreakers for this very job. Helsinki no longer has a freight port, other than the two ferry terminals*, they were closed (now housing areas) and everything moved to Vuosaari to the east of...
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    The Scoveston Murders

    This might be of interest with a railway link: Invoking Betteridges Law of Headlines: Was the reason for the murder of the owner of Scoveston Manor near MIlford Haven related to the compulsory purchase of the land for...
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    Embraer E-190

    8-) I think you have to compare like with like, ie: the E190/195 vs E170/175, CRJ series, A220 etc, rather than the bigger 737/A320 category.
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    Embraer E-190

    It seems to have found a niche with Finnair - nice aircraft, prefer it to its smaller stablemates. I hear good things about the A220 series but not had a chance to fly on one yet. The 737 .... erm, no....