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    Temporary Speed Restriction between Hebburn and Jarrow?

    Anyone know the reason for the current TSR between Hebburn and Jarrow? Seems to have been in place for a few weeks now.
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    Could GB railways return to profit?

    The fact they are funded suggests they are profitable in the grand scheme of things. Taxes wouldn’t be diverted their way if there wasn’t a net gain.
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    Early days of the Tyne & Wear Metro

    Not really sure if this is the sort of stuff you are looking for, but best I can offer..: •Sunday service used to be one carriage instead of two •The lines used to have their own colours on the front of trains (eg “Pelaw” would be displayed as yellow on the front of the train); miscellaneous...
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    T+W Metro Signal 727

    Thank you for the responses. Based on the replies, if I was to hazard a guess, I assume the stencil will probably display a platform number to be used in conjunction with the position light.
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    T+W Metro Signal 727

    Hello. :) I noticed signal 727 (on approach to Heworth platform 1) has a junction indicator, stencil indicator and a shunt signal. I can understand the feather being to tell you you are diverting onto the platform 2 line (not sure if this is the ‘up’ or ‘down’ line, if indeed metro label their...
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    8 car trains stopping at 12 car platform position

    The higher driver’s wages get through successful strike action, the more that management will expect them to perform their jobs flawlessly. Back when drivers were paid much less in the BR era, they could get away with a lot more. But now if you are earning £60k+ per year doing one of the most...
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    Pelaw - Bede line

    Points failure at Hebburn this morn... the sooner they double that section of line the better.
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    Hull trains Paragon at Newcastle?

    Anyone know why this was at Newcastle yesterday, and also why it is listed on RTT as a Voyager?
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    Pelaw - Bede line

    Makes sense. Guessing it will be minimum of 3 aspect throughout then, as not sure heavy freight could stop at a red quick enough under the current two aspect signalling. If they are equipping Pelaw-Jarrow/Bede with AWS/TPWS and sending freights down it, wonder if we will ever see the day when...
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    Pelaw - Bede line

    Probably not tbh. The line is short enough that a freight should make it through without delaying a metro if signalled correctly (ie held back until a metro has just passed). Not even sure if the bypasses would be long enough to hold a freight out the way of the metro even if they wanted to...
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    Pelaw - Bede line

    Luckily, due to the relatively limited scope of the project, I don’t think there is much room to tinker with it shy of cancelling it all together. They have already removed all potential bells and whistles from the outset, such as: •Not retaining the freight station bypasses •Not retaining bidi...
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    Pelaw - Bede line

    I had heard from friends they were planning on starting it after the 2021 Great North Run. Don’t have a source to back that up though, just word of mouth. There is talk of a 12 week line closure, which will be a nightmare for commuters. Hopefully they will make the rail replacement buses...
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    Pelaw - Bede line

    Makes sense. With a housing estate that big I can imagine there will be a good amount of commuters.