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    South Wales season tickets

    If Queen St - Bay is £2.40 single then £13.50 for all Valleys incl Ebbw Vale & Maesteg is a bargain!
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    Have your tickets been checked on your journey?

    First on train TfW ticket check experienced on Saturday, between Sugar Loaf and Cynghordy, so at least my use of both will feature in their figures! At a loss as to why Sugar Loaf lost its services in lockdown as both doors on a 153 fit on the platform. Equally, however, can’t imagine that it...
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    Plot To Replace Printed Timetables With QR Codes

    Don’t think anyone was suggesting they should - but when you arrive at station b, the pis may well tell you when the next train back to a is, but not when the ones “at teatime” will be. Nor will it help you to find the options which require a change en route. As far as “ only 1% of people using...
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    PTE-liveried multiple units - unusual services/locations?

    Another one for the "this unit looks a little lost here":
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    Shack Attack 2021

    23 October 2021 Sugar Loaf Cynghordy Total: 2038 First on-train ticket check I've experienced in Wales since pre March 2020!
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    Proposals for 'fully prioritised bus route between Bristol and Bath'

    If "a fully prioritised route between Bristol and Bath" effectively means "a continuous bus lane between the two bus stations" there are going to be some bits which will pose an interesting challenge - threading it through Saltford, for example. Presumably would represent a pretty good first...
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    SWR Cancels Saturday Salisbury-Waterloo & Bristol service

    Intervals in the departures from Bath to Bristol between 06.45 and 08.30 are (in minutes): 9 - 16 - 14 - 25 - 7 - 13 - 13 - 6. Guess what used to plug that 25 minute gap?
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    SWR Cancels Saturday Salisbury-Waterloo & Bristol service

    The removal of the 06:40 Salisbury - Bristol leaves a large gap in the morning “ peak” service into Bristol - might not be over-significant at present but still a discouragement to using the train. Doesn’t have to be SWR operating it, of course; just needs to be there!
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    Do Information Designers Ever Use The Railway?

    Hence the comment about “arrived” being suitable for an arrivals board ( or a platform screen that for whatever reason is announcing an arrival)
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    Do Information Designers Ever Use The Railway?

    The only situations I can see where “arrived” is an appropriate message (as opposed to the expected departure time) are a) on an arrivals board - as in an airport arrivals hall - fir the benefit of those meeting arriving passengers and b) where a train service commencing its journey is formed by...
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    Do Information Designers Ever Use The Railway?

    Not sure whether all of these these would count as "failings" - but certainly irritating / confusing at best. Most from the Bristol area, so no idea if Worldline or not. Two displays on the same platform showing conflicting information. Display showing that the 1st train is the 07.50 to XYZ...
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    Do Information Designers Ever Use The Railway?

    It requires a human to engage brain and have the guts to say that “computer doesn’t know best”. Unfortunately it appears that no one can be bothered to do this any more. And then they wonder that people don’t pay attention to announcements!
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    Shack Attack 2021

    11 October 2021 Cuxton Snodland Rainham (Kent) Swale Faversham Whitstable Chestfield & Swalecliffe Dumpton Park Broadstairs Harrietsham East Malling Barming Total: 2036
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    Level Crossing Barrier design -- shear pins?

    Another question about level crossings - prompted by an observation at Sturry this morning, where the barriers started to come down with a fairly slow-moving elderly lady still on the crossing. Sturry has full barriers and as she was (correctly) walking facing the oncoming traffic, the first...
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    Shack Attack 2021

    10 October 2021 Marden Sturry Chartham Canterbury East Snowdown Westenhanger Total: 2024