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    Trainee Train Drivers - Manchester & York (21/09/21)

    Nope! I'm either 5ft0 or 5ft1 and I'm a trainee for GTR. My trainer said there's other female drivers shorter then me and they carry a foldaway step ladder (e.g incase they need to isolate the doors and reaching the top bit)
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    Trainee train driver training

    They actually arranged us someone o_O. my trainer said he's called in a few favours. I know the group previously were 'studying at home'
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    Trainee train driver training

    Great advice. I'm currently in week 4 (was supposed to be on week 7 but due to a trainer not being available we was side tracked for 3 weeks). All the trainers are fantastic and it is a lot to learn. Got week 5 exam next week followed by 3 weeks of front ending and seeing everything I've learnt...
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    Depot yard shunters info for Scotrail

    Would help if you included your depot and toc?
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    Written comprehension test.

    What toc and what position would be helpful....
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    GTR - Trainee Train Driver vacancies (07/12/20)

    When I went to sit the DFFT there was about 8-10. When I did it with another toc there must have been around 50 but that was just for the paper tests only.
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    How many applications and interviews until you cracked it?

    My first job in the railway was a gateline position in 2016. Then moved onto platform in 2017. Then moved tocs and did gateline/platform in 2018. Then went on to do shunter driving in 2019 and now successful in a trainee train driver role!
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    GTR - Trainee Train Driver vacancies (07/12/20)

    They'll probably cater around you, jus means everyone will be off in November. This ensures you don't miss out.
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    2 Hand Test

    How does that information even help you?
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    GTR - Trainee Train Driver vacancies (07/12/20)

    Congratulations guys. What depot and what start date?
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    Any MTR Crossrail Customer Experience Assistants?

    I did it for about a year before I moved to another toc. Happy to help if I can?
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    Tips for earlies

    I've done shift work for about 5 years now. To be fair, when I'm on earlies I'm quite restless throughout the night as I'm always worried about not waking up thus waking up every hour or so lol. I've never struggled to wake up. I usually end up having a nap in the afternoon. But like what others...
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    Will GCSE grades be checked?

    Lol, not like u put a instead of e. I'd probably leave it. None of my railway jobs have asked me for GCSE except gtr but that's because it's an apprenticeship.
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    Trainee train driver and maternity leave

    Have you got a start date?
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    CSA2 - London Underground (07/06/21)

    Are you able to elaborate more on what your scenario and your responses were. Everyone that I know who's passed this test has allowed the person to travel.