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    Taunton to London commuting

    1' 45" Taunton to London? That over an hour quicker than my Hull to London journey which is only about 40 miles further away!
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    London North Eastern Railway First Class service

    I'll guess that LNER made their chefs redundant the same as Hull Trains probably made some of their catering crew redundant. LNER first class hot meals can't start again and Hull Trains can't start standard refreshments until staff are hired - which is taking more time than expected. I may be...
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    First Class upgrades using Seatfrog

    Ok thanks.
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    First Class upgrades using Seatfrog

    When it comes to LNER seats with seatfrog, is it a matter of like it or lump it or can you select a particular seat?
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    Memories of the changeover from town to natural gas

    I remember the "natural gas" label tied to my mum and dad's hot water boiler in the kitchen.
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    Changing my email address

    I started with a Freeserve email account way back. Have had a Sky email for years with Gmail as back up.
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    Should the NHS refuse treatment for people that haven’t had the vaccination?

    Refuse treatment? I can't believe anybody seriously would agree with such an idiotic and, perhaps, fascist idea. :rolleyes:
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    Hull Trains Paragon Seat Width v Class 180 Seat Width.

    All I can find out is that the Paragaon widths are 1st 49cm standard 46cm
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    Hull Trains Paragon Seat Width v Class 180 Seat Width.

    I'll assume there is no difference.
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    Petrol panic buying

    Actually I meant the cost of the car in full rather than the per month amount. :)
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    Comedic "things you would ban" (i.e. minor things that annoy you in a lighthearted way)

    Ok, Pete. :D 1633543091 Crossings that take forever to change once you've pushed the button even if no-one has crossed recently.
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    Buses over the Humber Bridge?

    When it was built it was also the longest single down suspension bridge in the world.
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    Buses over the Humber Bridge?

    You'll have to wait a bit to visit the Hull Maritime Museum though as it's closed for a few years whilst being updated.
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    Petrol panic buying

    How much did that set you back - if you don't mind me asking?
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    LNER Assistant Alerts?

    I got an email response to my email query but all it did was apologise for the delay in responding. Edit: and rereading the response it seems to give the impression that they won't be giving me any sort of answer. :rolleyes: