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  • Thanks a lot for your help! Much has changed since the last message, I have passed through the NR assessment process and had a telephone interview and I'm just waiting for word back, but after more reading I'm feeling reallg hopeful!! I applied for S&T as my primary and I'm sure I can find my place here.

    Thanks again for your help! Just that bit of insight goes a long way and I'm very grateful for it.
    Hello again! :D

    I have a couple more questions about the NR apprenticeship scheme for you if you have the time to answer them! Thanks!

    First - Medical examination, can you provide any insight into the fitness requirements to pass the examination? And would you recommend a personal training routine before I apply?

    Second - The job role I can see myself doing is along the lines of a track side Maintenance Engineer for Signalling/Electrical equipment. Along the lines of testing/fault finding and keeping the equipment working. So based on that general description, can NR cater for any of this criteria and if there is a job role for this type of work based on your experience? I can specify further if you wish. :roll:

    Thanks again! Your information is of great value to me and I am very happy that your responses have been very positive and helpful!! :D :D
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