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    Businesses in England that will still restrict entry (via face masks) after July 19th

    I donated blood a couple of days ago and didn't even consider wearing a mask. I realised about half way through the donation that everyone else was wearing one as the nurse started talking to me about my septum piercing. The snacks table had reopened too and a mask definitly wasn't required there.
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    Shrinkflation - examples?

    If no weight is displayed it will be either 400g or 800g. There are exceptions to this rule if it's not pre-packaged.
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    Shrinkflation - examples?

    Shrinkflation really shouldn't be a thing with bread. It was the original example and that's why bread loaf weight is so heavily regulated. My example from today is Pedigree Dentastix which have gone from packs of 28 to 21.
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    Gomshall to Guildford - double back via Dorking

    I'm never been sure about this rule - I think there is some conflation between the station group (e.g London Terminals or Dorking stations that a ticket can be bought for) and the routing point group such as Dorking Group or London. It makes sense to me that you can't double back within a...
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    Gomshall to Guildford - double back via Dorking

    Certainly around 10 years ago when I lived around there Gomshall was part of the Dorking Routing Point Group (rather than associated to the group as it is now) so a double back for interchange purposes was allowed. I wonder if the data still shows it that way and the PDFs don't.
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    GB News

    I liked the idea of it - but everyone (except Neil Oliver) is just shouting at and over each other and it's impossible to follow without a lot of concentration. I'll maybe try a few other shows over the next week.
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    GB News

    Just tuned in to the new GB News on Freeview. The audio and video quality is on par with the shopping channels and almost unintelligible. I had a look to see if I could cast to my TV but it seems not. What does everyone else think of GB News?
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    Is there a day pass between 2 stations?

    Not going to be worth it with but in theory I guess you could get a season ticket and then get a refund for unused days. Would that make the max cost for a day ticket between two stations the anytime return + £10 or am I missing something?
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    Suspected Fire at Southport Station (03/05/21)

    Watching that certainly made me think electrical rather than fire but I've a few questions not specific to this I'm hoping someone can help me understand. Does this sort of thing actually cause any damage - or is it just cut power briefly and swap out a fairly cheap insulator and up and running...
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    Any Linux users around here?!

    I used Linux for a while and got used to debian/Ubuntu. But I found the unity release of Ubuntu that bad and in need of a new laptop went for a mac book pro. Most of the benfit I get from Linux comes from the terminal which I still got but with lots of extras. The mac book died a little while...
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    Leeds Station Improvement

    Noticed a new departures screen on platform 5. Shame that it shows departures from London Liverpool Street. Also any idea if the stairwell down to Neville Street will reopen?
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    Have your tickets been checked on your journey?

    On a Northern train from Leeds to Skipton yesterday evening "rush" there were two revenue guys checking all tickets. They got through the train before Kirkstall. The guard was checking all tickets and happily selling tickets on my way in that morning. I still find it odd the keenness to sell...
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    Supermarkets and Covid-19

    I've no problem with people who are aware and maintain the require 2m+ distance. And wearing a mask or not we should be aiming to keep our potential covid dose as low as reasonable achievable...
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    Supermarkets and Covid-19

    The chain I work for has seen quite a few stores have entire departments or leadership teams knocked out by test and trace, but worst of all colleagues do die. Face masks don't protect the wearer but do massively reduce spread. If anyone can wear a mask when in close proximity to others then...