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    Transdev Blazefield

    This X43 feels like the Go North East X11. How has that faired? I’m assuming well enough because it has come back for a second year.
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    "Abolish the railways!" (The Spectator)

    Skipton to Preston missed the bus that would have done in around 1hr 50 mins
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    Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.

    People with access to the proper systems might be able to advise if Keighley to Ilkley branch (using the unused Skipton to Bradford path), then adopt the unused EMU path off the Ilkley branch to Bradford and back towards Keighley is possible? I don’t know if trains can reverse at Dockfield...
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    Should 'Leeds Bradford Airport Parkway' (still) be built ?

    That amendment was rejected at the meeting. Construction on a housing development to the east of the railway line by the ring road at Horsforth Woodside has begun. I’m not under the impression that this station (Leeds-Bradford Airport Parkway) has any funding firmly allocated to it.
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    Should 'Leeds Bradford Airport Parkway' (still) be built ?

    What will potentially break the business case is the proposed Park and Ride that they were hoping to put in as well. North Leeds would benefit from something but I don’t know if this station or a bus served P&R opposite the entrance to the Grammar School on the A61 would be better I appreciate...
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    New Reston Station - Progress & Updates

    I understand that an on demand bus service called Pingo has recently launched in this area.
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    Northumberland Line to be re-opened to passengers

    A small railway project in London opens in a few weeks. Another smaller project is hoped to open in London in the autumn. I would hazard a guess that in many recent years, no additional new route mileage is added to the passenger rail network.
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    Does Ilkley have enough capacity ?

    You’re missing an L in Ilkley but I get the gist of your thread. I am also unfamiliar with Ilkley station. The crossovers and signals would need to be shifted based on a quick review of the station layout on Googlemaps if anyone wanted to accommodate 2 6 car trains in the station at the same...
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    Closure of Teesside Airport station

    How busy was Southend Airport when they opened a railway station there? It had 42k passengers in 2011 Teesside appeared to be 3x the size pre-covid In my opinion, the airport, the station, repairs and possible relocation are for the local political hierarchy to lead on funding for. A station...
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    Crossrail - Construction updates and progress towards opening (now expected 24 May 2022)

    Will there be any platform based auto stop functionality at the station (a big red plunger)? I assume the station has not got third rail in these platforms?
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    Could a Javelin style service work on HS2?

    What’s the difference in time between Ashford/Ebbsfleet and London termini on the classic lines versus Javelin and what is the difference between say Bletchley and London on classic lines/HS2? I’m assuming that the HS1 speed and time differences will be more substantial that HS2 where the units...
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    Closed/ Disused Railways - Potential To Be Converted to Cycle/Walking Paths

    A chunk of it is already fairly walkable. The biggest challenge that I can foresee would be the River Aire near Skipton where the reasonable alternative routes are quite substantial.
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    Grand National (Liverpool) - Lack of extra/strengthened services

    I always love those comments that start with “there’s a simple answer” and it involves billions of pounds relocating something to another part of the country. Replacing Becher’s Brook with a taxiing private jet is going to really change things up.
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    To early to talk about Elizabeth Line extensions?

    You get into new line territory really. Another suggestion although I’ve not seen it made anywhere officially is extending out of Heathrow Terminal 5 west towards Windsor or south towards Staines.
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    If you had £30bn to spend on railway infrastructure...

    £3bn to Leeds and Bristol for light rail with serious consideration for removing certain routes from Leeds railway station to enhance capacity Rolling programme of work to provide zero tailpipe emissions on routes across the country