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  • Again, I note birthday greetings are in order to be sent. Now eleven years "before the mast" on the website earlier this month, so a double celebration.
    Tom Tom
    Hi, might seem a bit weird but I’ve been looking for one of those overground orange backpacks and found a post from you a while back on a forum over them. Was wondering if you knew where I could get one, sorry to bother you
    Once again, it behoves me to wish birthday greetings to one whose connection with this website goes back to the year 2005 when it was first launched. I just hope you feel as young now as you did then...:D
    Thank You!! Honestly I was not expecting a video of the whole thing!!! :o
    Thanks for your help with my LUL ticketing enquiries via PM, you can trust me to keep the link safe after what favours you have done there's no need for betrayal - shame really you work to far up the Northern Line for me to come and say hello during my rare(ish) visits to London :)

    Thanks again... TP :D :smile:
    Oh I see yeah they only advertised on their website and on the trains, fingers crossed they might recruit again soon. Just curious is the role of CSA with the LUL the same as the PSA on the DLR?
    Hi Daniel, how are you ? i would have asked for the times of Sarah Siddons but i've found them on the TFL website anyway i hopefully should go and see it somewhere so i'll say hi if i see you ? :)
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