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  • HI,
    I failed the last test ( Reaction test ) because I lost my rotator cuff and It goes faster and faster and like a Idiot I try to try and do the one that has gone that I missed Instead of carry on to the next one. Can you give me any advice as I have another chance my last one I think, It's Impossible to do all of them I have to let some go, did you let some go on the last reaction test? please can you advise me on the best way to do this please. I would be very grateful to you for you help and advice.
    Best Wishes and well done I am very pleased for you.
    Hey congratulations on the Job,

    I'm not sure if you seen my post so i thought i would message you on here, i have got my interview coming up in a couple of days and i am soo nervous. I was just hoping you could tell me what where the other 2 questions were, where you had to answer where you had to write down answers to give examples of situation you had been in, where 1 was give an example of a time you where in an emergency situation.

    Thanks in advance!!!
    And congratulations again, I hope I can be in your situation soon!
    Hey mate, congratulations on passing your assessments / interviews. Do you have a medical booked yet? I got my contract through a couple of weeks ago. I first applied in September last year and was dragged through recruitment stopping and starting, long process! You're very lucky to have got yours done so quickly!

    Have you got a medical date yet?
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