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  • thanks, just posted to it. good luck for the future. You're in a much better position than 1000's of prospective candidates. You've met the required standard & Northern want you but there are loads of reasons why jpositions get pulled. From what I've read it mainly comes down to funding/ budgets etc. Hr have been great with me, keeping me informed and answering my (inane) questions. Is it possible for you to work from a diff. depot with more vacancies ? I know that there's loads of vacancies coming up for Manchester Vic & Picc in New Year for drivers & guards. Good luck from Dan
    Hi Dan ,
    Funny enough it was Laura who made the mistake in the first place although she sounded genuinely upset she had made the error. It's the assessment day i'm more concerned about as that could happen again and i wouldn't want anyone to go through that. Have you had a date for a medical yet or a contract even.
    Hi Herdster, yes I was next to last for dtg assessment & was cbi'd by the "how did that make you feel" woman assessor.
    Glad to hear things are more positive for you. The Northern HR lady I've spoken with has been outstandingly helpful to me (Laura) & I'm sure that if she's involved she'll do everything to help you. I've got everything crossed for you.
    At the mo' I'm in Talent Pool as no space on the November course:( but I'm not too concerned as HR say that lots of drivers req'd at Victoria & Piccadilly in New Year. Speak to you soon :)
    Hi Dan ,
    Yes i think i remember you , were you one of the last to go in for the reactions and interview , i had probably left by the time you were finished.
    A glimmer of hope , i got a call from Northern yesterday to say they had escalated my case to the head of HR and head of safety ( presumably to make sure there would be no come back if they took me on) but could be a week before they let me know. I'm not holding my breath but you never know , bit of a mess really. Are you starting on 18th November ?
    Hi Herdster I'm utterly gutted for you
    I do recall the OPC bloke stating that we wouldn't go through to the next assessment unless we'd passed the previous one
    I also recall a 25min delay at start of the day whilst the assessor confirmed with (presumably) OPC & Northern exactly what score would constitute a pass for each assessment.
    It is a bitter blow for you and I wish I could provide a solution for you as I know you could do the job to a very high standard. As you work for Merseyrail, could you ask your union to take it up for you ? Perhaps even get a Freedom of Information access request so you can see the raw data & individual results ? Has the "pass" mark for dtg been retrospectively increased (by Northern ?) thus turning a satisfactory pass on the day into a borderline pass 3 working days later ? Let me know how you get on and I wish you every success
    ps I was the russian-gangster-crammed-in-a-suit-bloke with the pink tie
    Hi Dan,

    Hope you don't mind me messaging you.
    Congratulations on passing . I was there on Friday as well , i work for Merseyrail as a guard . Are you the fireman ?
    I called northern yesterday and was initially told i had passed everything , she then went to check starting dates and came back to me to say she had made a mistake as i only had a borderline pass on the reactions. to say i am devastated is an understatement , to be told i am through and then i am not is so unprofessional.
    Can you remember on the day , were we told if we didn't reach northern standards on the day we wouldn't progress to the next stage . so i am wondering why they let me take the structured interview. i am thinking of taking this further .
    Anyway best of luck with your new career , i am sure they said there is a course in December .
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