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    Why are some PlusBus areas so small?

    Are you aware of the Getting About multi-operator BCP ticket - £5 a day? (Doesn't cover Wimborne, admittedly)
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    Has anybody ever been stuck in a lift

    The Anglo-Catholic church my family was connected with in my childhood had a modern (c1992) parish centre next door, with a lift to the meeting rooms on the upper floors. If you opened the compartment in the lift that was designed to accommodate an emergency phone handset, you would find none...
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    Penalty fare when using Oyster PAYG via Farringdon

    If you are a resident of Greater London, it might be worth writing to your local London Assembly member (or one of cross-London members who pick up casework across the board) - a letter from them to both GTR and TfL might bring the matter to the attention of some senior people who are capable of...
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    Made to take a test for work

    Please consider that whilst covid might be a mild illness if you catch it, for the person you pass it on to it could be much more severe. Please take testing seriously and don't try to get out for it. It is to help keep you, your family, your colleagues, your community and society at large a...
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    Guardian article: SWR leaves passengers stranded

    I do think it's unacceptable that some TOC's help points connect you to NRE or some other outsourced contact centre, rather than someone working directly for the TOC with some degree of local knowledge and awareness of current operational conditions, and the ability to resolve things. I have...
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    Changes to SWR Super Offpeak tickets from September

    It seems that these changes have opened up some opportunities for split ticketing on longer journeys like Bournemouth to London that didn't exist before.
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    TFL Oyster App not working? (06/11/21)

    Yes I have had the same issue with my travel this week.
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    Fares from zone 6 to zone 1 on National Rail

    The pay as you go fares ARE available on the TfL website - the Single Fare Finder is the tool you need
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    Puzzled about the popularity of Trainline?

    This recent thread covered very similar ground.
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    Plot To Replace Printed Timetables With QR Codes

    Printed timetables and posters serve a different purpose to journey planners - both have a place. Journey planners are not so good at helping you understand the overall pattern / scope of the service and it would be worth developing modern ways of conveying this information. A PDF of a...
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    Greater Anglia not allowing TOD

    You may find TOD is offered if you try to book a cross-London ticket
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    Lumo - new Open Access operator on the East Coast Main Line

    In Ireland, they display the passenger's name on the seat reservation system.
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    Southeastern to be taken over by OLR

    I wonder how long they will continue to use the Govia online ticket booking engine. And what will happen to The Key branding etc?
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    The Trainline. Good or bad for ticketing?

    Yes, and many of those younger people believe that Trainline is an official National Rail operation representing ‘the railway’ rather than being a third-party retailer.
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    The Trainline. Good or bad for ticketing?

    USP is a simple easy to use app, backed by marketing that has given a big proportion of the population the erroneous idea that Trainline is offering them cheaper tickets than buying from a TOC or at a station.