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  • Hi Josh
    I read a post of yours from 2019 about the training software on traineetraindriverinfo.com. I failed the ATAVT (Vienna System) test last time, and I've got a final shot soon.
    Would you recommend the software from ttd.com for passing the ATAVT? I've seen that How2Become do an ATAVT training software too, and don't know which to use!

    Thanks for any help!
    Hi mate!

    Just seen you’ve posted regarding the Stage 2 assessments and the MMI. I’ve got these too for GWR in a few weeks- any tips at all?!

    I’m trying to practice for the ATAVT and vigilance stuff! :)

    Joshua Higgs
    I haven't had any yet mate. I haven't stage 1 next week and have been prepping for stage 2. Sorry
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