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    Pacer popularity in preservation

    Saw a 144 at Airedale hospital yesterday. 55801 from 144001
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    Convenience Stores in South Wales To Sell Rail Tickets

    There is some api websites use to find the 'nearest' - It thinks Barrow in Furness is close to Liverpool and Lancaster! How you program actual 'nearness' I dont know.
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    Costs of Safety

    The money per death* should be the same for all modes. *this should include a factor for life changing injuries. So loss of a limb = (say) 50% of a death.
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    Costs of Safety

    What needs to be done is consider whether the costs of safety is driving people off the railway. If a safety device/procedure will save 1 death equivalent per 1,000,000 passenger miles, but the costs drive some passengers to the less safe roads, and some of those have serious accidents, is that...
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    Mispronounced station names

    Good job Alcester closed some decades ago then !!! (Locals call it 'olsta'. Brummies say it how it's spelled)
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    England National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS)

    Really? How about finding a bus in Kirkby Stephen or millom.
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    Non existent station on departure board!

    There was Melton between Selby and Hull. It was in the Baker rail atlas with an asterisk. And only appeared as a footnote in the BR passenger timetable. Never did work out what was going on. Its has a Wiki entry but I cant find mention of it in 1978 BR passenger Timetbale
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    Trivia: ”Single station” towns with station name suffixes

    Not to do with skinny dippers in Morecambe Bay then :)
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    Trivia: Stations that lost their suffix

    Isnt the station in Flookburgh?
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    Trivia: Stations that lost their suffix

    Wasnt it Alfreton and Mansfield Parkway for a while?
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    Trivia: ”Single station” towns with station name suffixes

    Bare Lane? Its the station for Bare.
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    Trivia: Unusual diesel loco combinations in the BR era

    Were there steam/diesel combinations before the end of BR steam? Timetabled and emergency ones. Sorry, not old enough to know!
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    Why are some PlusBus areas so small?

    Plusbus in West Yorkshire covers the whole county. Buy a Weeton - Horsforth day return and get a £4 plus bus to ride to Todmorden, Huddersfield and Wakefield.
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    Cuts to covid quarantine time to 5 days. Will it help the staff shortage on the railway?

    Quarantine cut to 5 days subject to negative lateral flow tests on 2 consecutive days*. Can we expect better reliability from the railway now? * England only I think.
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    Historic station name changes

    Wasnt Oxenholme 'Kendal Junction' at one point?