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  • Hi,

    Could you kindly delete my first thread from last year please. Its now a closed a discussion and id like it removed for protection of information.

    Hello Mojo, I have quite a few pictures that I am happy to donate for the avatar thing. Please PM me and I will happily let you use them.
    Hi, I seem to have broken a rule that I looked very hard to find before posting. I searching the FAQ for references to advertising jobs and couldn't find any reference to it so assumed that board dedicated to jobs and careers would be fine to post in. Can you point me to a link to the FAQ item that I should have read before posting?

    In my defence I did also send a message to the forum admins seeking a collaboration between yourselves and MacRail. This offer is still open and I would very much like to discuss it.


    I joined in February and have tried to send a private message this weekend but haven't managed it.
    I get a message saying that I may not have sufficient privileges, or my account has been disabled.
    I did get an email from you on 21/7/15 to say that someone had tried to log in to my account 5 times using an incorrect password.
    I know that the person I tried to contact accepts private messages, can you tell me what I am doing wrong.

    I'm contacting you to ask whether it would be OK to advertise an online survey currently being run by Coventry University by Dr Kate Walker and Dr Emma Sleath exploring typical behaviour patterns that occur within intimate relationships. I know this doesn't relate to railways but we're trying to recruit a large sample of participants who are representative of the general public within the UK. Because of this, we are contacting a broad range of organisations and groups who may be able to assist us in recruiting participants.

    Participation will involve completing a questionnaire that will ask participants about a range of behaviours that can occur within typical intimate relationships, assessing the frequency of these behaviours. The questionnaire takes 10-15 minutes to complete and can be completed online at .

    Please let me know if you have any questions or if you'd like any more information.
    I have just completed the 'thread moved' survey. In my defence, I looked at 'General Discussion' but the subtext of the thread said: "Discussion of world events & topics not covered elsewhere in the forum", whereas as it was at least about UK rail, so the subtext of the UK Railway Discussion forum: "Discussion of any UK railway topic not covered elsewhere" seemed the most appropriate. There are other threads titled 'Trivia - ' in that forum.
    Hi Mojo.
    I just had a thread with a survey about HS2 deleted for advertising and promotion. I had hoped that this wouldn't be a problem as I am not aiming to gain monetarily from this. Is there any way it would be possible for me to post a thread whereby I link this survey?
    Hi admin.....
    I have just made a account in this group......
    please advise me how to search old threads and post a new subject.
    hi mojo - having received a failed login notification email from you this morning where someone else attempted to login to my account at least 5 times - may i request a change to my userid so as to prevent a repeat of this action - regards trevor
    Hello there.
    I had an email this morning saying that an incorrect password had been used on my RailUk log on 5 times at 0700 today. It gave the IP address, which comes back to somewhere in China.
    Just giving you the 'heads up' that someone/something is up to mischief and is possibly trying to get into RailUk Forum accounts.....
    hi mojo - having received a failed login notification email from you this morning where someone else attempted to login to my account at least 5 times - may i request a change to my userid so as to prevent a repeat of this action - regards trevor

    My post was deleted because it was considered as '23 - Advertising or promotion without permission', which it was not simply because I wasn't advertising anything.
    Is it possible to contact you in some other (most efficient) way than visitor message to resolve this issue?



    I have an employment opportunity which I believe may be of interest to your members. May I post this in the relevant forum?


    It seems I have been sent Four e-mails about one PM is this more of a transgression than I made? All that happened was I showed concern that a thread was going off topic, the other poster took offence so offered an apology which was accepted, that was for "holding a personal conversation" then I get another for "Backseat Moderating" Please we sorted it out ourselves. The mod is anonymous, please do not hide behind the rule book Regards Bob
    Any chance you can re-open a thread I started a couple of years ago? It's the "Not So Great Anglia" one that had a lot of participation.
    2 years on the service has progressively got worse, like I predicted it would 2 years ago.
    Hi Mojo,

    I'm one of the founders of CommuterClub.

    We have been following a thread about us with great interest. The discussion has been lively and extremely useful in helping us identify where our communication with customers can be made clearer.

    We would love to post a short reply to the thread in order to clarify a couple of points that were raised. Is this something that is possible? We have had to be certified on other forums in order to to do this (MoneySavingsExpert). Is there a process we need to start with you?

    Thank you for your time.


    Please delete/disable my user profile.

    I no longer wish to have anything to do with a forum where so many users are "armchair experts". They are allowed to post rumours as fact and yet there is no action by moderators to remedy the situation. How does anyone manage to sift through the rubbish to get to the facts?

    This forum is ridiculed by other forums and I now know why.

    As I said, please disable my account as I have no intention of posting here again.
    I just posted a request for interviewees for a Telegraph story... can you help at all to make this happen? We can plug the forum in the story I'm sure... best wishes, Traveloguer!
    I thought I had made a perfectly reasonable observation re the following discussion - "Worried about fare evasion southeastern trains" only to find someone has deleted it - a thoughtfully constructed, relevant point of view about the inconsistencies of SouthEastern and other TOCs in how they protect revenue and enforce regulations.

    Would it not be better to leave people's opinions for others to see and comment on, favourably or otherwise instead of just deleting them? I wasn't offensive in any way, my views WERE relevant and yet someone makes a decision to remove what I said.

    I am 59 years old, I am capable of stringing well constructed views together on various aspects of railway operating as a long varied career comes to an end - I find my views being summarily deleted like this quite unreal.
    Hi administrators. I am doing some research for a television production company and I would like to seek the administrators' consent before posting an appeal for help from contributors to the forum. I have registered on the site but I don't seem to be able to send a PM to the administrators. For obvious reasons, it makes sense for me to check the nature of our proposed appeal in private, before going ahead and posting it on the forum. Many thanks for your help.
    Mojo, Would you be able to amend my thread title "western greyhound fleet destroyed" to "western greyhound fleet partially destroyed". This is following a PM to myself from another forum user. Many Thanks
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