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  • Hi Mojo, can't reply to your PM so have to message here, I have an old account linked to this email which I don't use anymore, could you please delete that one and keep this one active, thanks.
    Hi. Nothing major but I'm just wondering why the post count isn't updating properly anymore? Like now it says i have 248 posts when i actually have 304 posts?
    Hi mojo
    Could please delete my profile drazky if possible?
    Can you delete all my posts as well or I have to do myself?
    Thank you!
    I have accidentally put my full name as my username. Can you please change to to 'rontech' please?

    Good evening. Just realised i posted my SWT 170 discussion in the diagrams forum instead of the rolling stock forum by mistake. Do you know how i move it?
    It seems to have been posted now. Thanks. If you dont mind can i ask why there is a moderation posting delay on all posts every time you write a new post?
    Would it be possible to change mine? as it's pretty clear to everyone I speak to on here that it's my second name, but shortened.
    Hi Mojo,

    Would it be possible to change my forum user name?

    Hi. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately it still doesnt seem to have been posted. This was my post about visiting all stations in the UK. Thanks.
    Hi. I had a post that said when i posted it that it is being reviewed before being posted about a week ago but it has still not been posted. Any idea why? Thanks.
    Hi Mojo

    Following on from Yorkie's e-mail, i'm happy to stump up £60 for the accommodation in Douglas. A BACS transfer would be OK with me so if you can let me know the account details, i'll get payments sorted out as soon as possible. I'll also drop you a line to confirm when I've made the payment so you can check your records.

    Regards - Andy Hughes (aka Polarbear).
    Hi Mojo,

    I sent a message/email using the contact us form on 22/2/17. I recieved a reply to that message on 23/2/17.

    I then replied to the repsonse twice, the first time on 24/2/17 and then again on 1/3/17, but i have not heard anything from Railuk forum

    Does replying to the message go to a unattended inbox, or am i just being ignored. I'm sure thats not the case, but thats just how i'm beginning to feel.

    Its nearly a month since i joined the forum and i cant really use the forum properly because of this issue

    Thank you

    Hi Mojo

    I registered today and am finding it difficult to have my messages posted.

    I believe i've followed the instructions correctly to post messages on threads, but i've been unsuccessful in seeing my posts added to the threads.

    On my second message that i tried to post, a message appeared for a split second when i clicked submit, it was something along the lines of moderating/approving posts before being visible.

    Am i doing something wrong?

    I'd appreciate your assistance with this

    thank you


    Could you kindly delete my first thread from last year please. Its now a closed a discussion and id like it removed for protection of information.

    Hello Mojo, I have quite a few pictures that I am happy to donate for the avatar thing. Please PM me and I will happily let you use them.
    Hi, I seem to have broken a rule that I looked very hard to find before posting. I searching the FAQ for references to advertising jobs and couldn't find any reference to it so assumed that board dedicated to jobs and careers would be fine to post in. Can you point me to a link to the FAQ item that I should have read before posting?

    In my defence I did also send a message to the forum admins seeking a collaboration between yourselves and MacRail. This offer is still open and I would very much like to discuss it.


    I joined in February and have tried to send a private message this weekend but haven't managed it.
    I get a message saying that I may not have sufficient privileges, or my account has been disabled.
    I did get an email from you on 21/7/15 to say that someone had tried to log in to my account 5 times using an incorrect password.
    I know that the person I tried to contact accepts private messages, can you tell me what I am doing wrong.

    I'm contacting you to ask whether it would be OK to advertise an online survey currently being run by Coventry University by Dr Kate Walker and Dr Emma Sleath exploring typical behaviour patterns that occur within intimate relationships. I know this doesn't relate to railways but we're trying to recruit a large sample of participants who are representative of the general public within the UK. Because of this, we are contacting a broad range of organisations and groups who may be able to assist us in recruiting participants.

    Participation will involve completing a questionnaire that will ask participants about a range of behaviours that can occur within typical intimate relationships, assessing the frequency of these behaviours. The questionnaire takes 10-15 minutes to complete and can be completed online at .

    Please let me know if you have any questions or if you'd like any more information.
    I have just completed the 'thread moved' survey. In my defence, I looked at 'General Discussion' but the subtext of the thread said: "Discussion of world events & topics not covered elsewhere in the forum", whereas as it was at least about UK rail, so the subtext of the UK Railway Discussion forum: "Discussion of any UK railway topic not covered elsewhere" seemed the most appropriate. There are other threads titled 'Trivia - ' in that forum.
    Hi Mojo.
    I just had a thread with a survey about HS2 deleted for advertising and promotion. I had hoped that this wouldn't be a problem as I am not aiming to gain monetarily from this. Is there any way it would be possible for me to post a thread whereby I link this survey?
    Hi admin.....
    I have just made a account in this group......
    please advise me how to search old threads and post a new subject.
    hi mojo - having received a failed login notification email from you this morning where someone else attempted to login to my account at least 5 times - may i request a change to my userid so as to prevent a repeat of this action - regards trevor
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