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10 Oct 2012
WARNING: Large images contained below

Morning all,

Instead of creating new threads each time I update my site with new images (on the rare occasions that I actually bother doing so), I will now post all changes in this thread.

This morning I've uploaded several pictures from London, Northallerton & Carlisle, which have been taken in the past week or so.
More pictures can be viewed here; and I've uploaded a few here as well.

91107 & 91122 at the Cross; 23/05/2014

43189 & 43192 at Paddington on the same day.

91125 passing Castle Junction (just North of Northallerton) on the 10:30 Kings Cross to Edinburgh; 27/05/2014.

350408 at Carlisle, working a service to Manchester Airport; 30/05/2014.

56094 on the Chirk Timber on the same day as above.

More pictures from York, Peterborough and East Anglia taken over the weekend will be uploaded over the next couple of days.

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The photos from York & Peterborough on Friday are now on the site:

67015 hauls a faulty Mark 4 set into York on the 07:30 Edinburgh to Kings Cross.

66750 passes York on a Tyne Yard to Drax coal train.
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A couple of more local photos from the past couple of days are also on the site, including this, from this morning:

37601 & 218 on a Derby to East Ham test train.

The Anglia Plus photos are also there now.
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I've uploaded a couple from this morning including this one:

47237 & 245 near Leicester with 1Z45 Radlett to Carlisle on 05/06/2014
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