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  • Hi bengley
    Congrats on your start date, I'm hoping to be a train driver with thameslink just wondering where your classroom training will be based

    Sorry, I've just noticed that you left a message.
    I too failed on the role play.
    I was told that I was too nice....
    Hello Bengley, I am having the assessment for RPO with Southern on Monday. How did yours go? Hope you're part of their team now!
    I wonder if you could let me know a little bit about how the assessment goes as I have never been to one before and am a bit nervous.
    I should be ok with the ticket selling and checking.
    What was the trainability test like? Is the text that you have to remember very long?
    How hard did you find the report writing exercise?
    An finally, was the role play about checking the ticket of an angry customer?
    Thank you for you advice.
    See you on the 1200 arrival into Hoveton & Wroxham, yorkie has just told me that you will be on with a bike, I will be on from Salhouse but need to buy my ticket for the BVRW from the guard, fun!
    Hi mate i will go out today and get some pictures but i will not be able to send them through here i can make a new topic and add them to there or i can email them to you.
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