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    Shed directory: Recommendations please

    In the RDBMS model, each vehicle, be it a steam locomotive or a carriage in a multiple unit, has an independent life of it's own - it may change identity many times over the years, it may even be rebuilt, but there are few precedents for it becoming half of a new entity. The dilemma is how to...
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    Shed directory: Recommendations please

    The Railway Observer published an appendix to the 1948 magazines which confirms 30D as Southend Victoria. It's probably where Longworth got his information from. Harris also agrees BTW - he also shows the shed progressing to be a subshed of Stratford in 12/56.
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    What happened to all the 31's?

    BRDatabase is crap when it comes to diesel allocations and disposals. I can say that because it is my work! I am working on fixing and adding diesel data at the moment...
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    Shed directory: Recommendations please

    As the creator and owner of brdatabase, I can assure you that age hasn't caught up with me yet! The problem has mainly been that I have other things that occupy my time - family, work, other interests. I know it (brdatabase) can be an incoherent mess but it is my incoherent mess and I'm not very...
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    Works Repair Regimes

    I have a two part question. Firstly, on locomotive record cards, the level of works maintenance is listed such as H/I which is Heavy Intermediate, or L/C for Light Casual. I have accumulated 30 or so of the codes mentioned on record cards and I wondered if anyone knows where to find a...
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    D1068 Western Reliance

    BRDatabase doesn't say that D1068 was withdrawn *at* Laira, but that it was a Laira locomotive when it was withdrawn. As someone else has rightly said, D1068 failed at Swindon station and never made it back to Devon. Maybe I need to correct the wording ... Also, my original source data for...
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    Locomotive and Unit allocation history

    Watch this space ...
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    BRDatabase up and running

    It's been a while but I have added loads more data and some new features - let me know if you like them. Sorry that the bias is towards LNER locos at the moment: Classes added: A4: A2 (Thompson)...
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    BRDatabase up and running

    Just wanted to advise that is up and running as normal after the recent server problems. :)
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    BRDatabase new release Changes made: 1. Expanded 'workings' section - gives snapshots of depots, works and even scrapyards based on open days and visits. Access via: Timelines->WorkingsVisit Logs - e.g. history -...
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    BRDatabase new release

    Thanks - I'll make a list then do all the changes in one hit After Pathfinder, Sentinel was one of my other top locos (with Nobleman and Venturer)
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    BRDatabase new release

    I have released a new version of BRDatabase ( It contains a whole host of extra data and, no doubt, a few new bugs. The allocation data still has a long way to go and there are errors that exist due to erroneous source information, but you can do snapshots of locomotive...
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    56040's days are numbered...

    A 56 is not a christmas tree, a 56 is for life! I can see a lot of sense in their decision but also is this setting a worrying precedent? Can you imagine Western Champion being scrapped because the group was offered a refurbished 52 in better condition? Once preserved, they should perservere...
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    Class 70 on 4O51 Wentloog-Southampton

    It was heading south. If it was from Wolverton, it must have been minor repairs as they haven't cleaned it! Anyone know where it might have been heading?
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    Class 70 on 4O51 Wentloog-Southampton

    I have asked the same question myself - anyone enlighten us - what livery is that, too? -