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  • Again, a note to say that you are not forgotten and your Settlement Association Quiz is still running strong.
    Odd you say that Paul, since I was also thinking this morning, where's Ivo gone... :? Hope you are well.
    How did I miss your forum Pokémon thread?! You could have made it slightly more obvious that this exists..!
    Haha I see what you mean but you can definitely see the old Ashley in the hair
    Indeed - you may find the same on Facebook...I'm somewhat disappointed with your lack of usual commitment :P

    I have but I see that the next 31 minutes counts as birthday too :P
    You had a good day?
    I don't know what to say... ;) Perfect timing for my sister to get the Pikachu 3DS XL, she's raving about the new games!
    Just seen the new trailer for the new Pokemon after being prompted too by your new avatar...
    Yeah, I remember seeing something about it because of a new eeveelution if I recall correctly. A quick question if I may, what is Gen V like compared to gen III? I was thinking of getting B2/W2 when I next get paid and wondering if it's worth it
    I watched the episode earlier, hence Ashley. Naturally I've glossed over that she only ever appears for about 30/60 seconds of screen time :lol:

    I'm also playing the Emerald Randomiser at the moment and caught a Starmie (didn't use it though, water was covered with Lapras because I want STAB on Ice Beam)
    323's are brilliant, when there not crowded on the short journey from Birmingham new street to Erdington...
    Hi Ivo, here are the ones I'm confident enough to answer.
    Cheers, Dominic

    2. Chisholm (?)
    3. Richard Starkey A.K.A. Ringo Starr
    5. Bollywood
    6. Chester
    7. Keith Moon
    9. Bruce Forsyth

    11. Southampton
    12. 1485
    14. Star of David (although....the concept of "Northern Irish flag" is a bit problematic, if you consider that the only official flag of Northern Ireland since 1974 has been the Union Flag...but I guess your meaning is clear...)
    15. Aquae Sulis
    16. Coventry ( also, St George's Catholic Cathedral in Southwark,...possibly others as well...?)
    17. Robert Stephenson
    18. Cornwall
    19. Walton-on-the-Naze (an Essex special, that. Was Herne Bay before a storm cut it in two, I think in the late 1970s...)
    20. Margaret Thatcher

    21. Preston North End ?
    22. 26?
    25. Scotland? (not sure where exactly though)
    30. Cricket?

    31. 1
    32. Bank
    35. 1997
    40. Gloucester, Chichester, Chelmsford, and loads of others
    Must have been telepathy. ;)

    Though I must say, it is a little strange seeing your avatar as Starmie. I'll always remember you as the Anti-Arriva Man! :)
    No doubt they'll be snooping as usual in the background(er) ;)

    And I had to, it's been a year since sweep last time lol xD
    They do look shiny. I never liked Roselia partially because grass/poison has poor typing and partially because I kept getting poisoned
    Yes, it's very weird. The musical backing is odd to say the least and no doubt it'll change in due course when I decide on a new theme
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