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    Ticket print order could be more customer friendly

    I would prefer if the return portion printed before the outward, as I would then have time to put it away in my wallet while the outward is printing. I usually want to have the outward in my hand to immediately operate the barriers, so it would be more convenient if it printed last!
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    Trainline Nightmare with their mobile tickets!

    IF they did that it would be fine for the return portion, but not for the outward portion of an Off-Peak Return, which to the best of my knowledge is still encoded in the data as only valid for 1 day even though overnight break of journey is permitted (i.e. it is effectively valid for 2 days)...
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    Reading Travelcard - valid route to Travelcard area

    No. If that was the case then you couldn't use a Travelcard from Reading on a fast train to Paddington, which is obviously allowed.
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    Great Ticket Sale courtesy of Grant Shapps

    I think I might have been a bit unfair in blaming the TVM suppliers for printing the wrong ticket names. It seems the data may have only been updated with the correct names yesterday (or Monday night). Given that consumers of the data (such as TVMs) are generally only reloaded (at the most)...
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    Great Ticket Sale courtesy of Grant Shapps

    I'd hazard a guess that it's the machine, and it's simply using slightly out-of-date fares data. Are TVMs required to update their data daily as part of accreditation?
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    Great Ticket Sale courtesy of Grant Shapps

    BR Fares shows (and always has done) fares available for travel today. You can't travel on the sale fares until next week so it is unlikely they will appear before then (although of course it depends on how they are set up in the data).
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    Same destination, same departure time, same train company

    That doesn't solve the problem in the OP where the passenger has a reservation on the 16:34 to Waterloo and doesn't know which train it is on. Edit: it would solve it if the reservation was on the fast train, but the reservation might be on the slow train due to different quota availability
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    Can you break your journey changing at Eastbourne (instead of Hampden Park)?

    I wholeheartedly agree but in my opinion according to the NRCoT it is valid. Is there a link to the recent discussion? I would like to apprise myself of the arguments made and check whether there are any new ones that would lead to me changing my view...
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    Can you break your journey changing at Eastbourne (instead of Hampden Park)?

    I don't buy this argument; break of journey restrictions are separate from permitted route validity. The train is still a direct train between origin and destination and thus a permitted route, even if you're not on for the whole journey.
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    Admin Fee on Refunds. ORR Review

    Even more reasonable are retailers that don't charge any refund fees at all, e.g.
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    March fare increases - where to find them?

    That's the most plausible explanation I've heard so far, except that if the journalists have contacts in the rail industry they could surely research the new fares - as they are widely available internally and have been accidentally published in at least two systems I'm aware of.
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    Fenchurch Street Underground

    It still does for many journeys, but for NRE only. I had trouble getting someone at RDG to understand that they haven't actually made this information available for other booking engines/journey planners to use! If it was more widely available perhaps errors and omissions would be reported by...
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    Updated National Rail Conditions of Travel (NRCoT) - Effective from 6th February 2022

    I don't see why "timetable of the day" for performance figures should be the same as the "published timetable of the day". Maybe I am reading too much into it but I saw significance in the word "published" (in the sense of the dictionary definition "to be made generally known"), and combining...
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    Refused Off-Peak Day Return

    I think possibly the rules were changed and nobody thought to tell the staff checking tickets. There are definitely old forum threads about the need to buy an off-peak ticket dated the day before if making a journey in the early hours. I think this has changed relatively recently. 1644619710 To...
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    Updated National Rail Conditions of Travel (NRCoT) - Effective from 6th February 2022

    I really need to stand corrected here; you are right and I had no idea NRE could do this. It is a bit clunky about it; you first get some results saying (for example) the itinerary is cancelled and you need to click another link to redo the journey search using real time data. I wonder does this...