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    Kings Cross-St Pancras to Paddington main concourse

    Another route now available from Paddington District Line station is to exit the station onto Prayed Street, turn left, cross the road and walk down the new ramp on Eastbourne Terrace; you now enter the station in the shopping area.
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    Paddington Station 18/9/2020

    I took a trip up to Pad yesterday to look at the works around the station, something I did quite regularly before lockdown. Leaving the station via the arrivals ramp, the large wall to the left has gone, as part of the Paddington square development. London Street is now closed at the junction...
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    Class 345 progress

    There are 4 hotels at T4, accessed from the walkway off the eastern end of departures. The lift from the hex station level opens at the entrance to the walkway
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    Class 345 progress

    2 tph could go as far as T2/3, then go onto the T4 branch and reverse without going all the way to T4. With American Airlines and Quatar now using T5, T5 must be now getting busier. How long will it before Hex returns to 4 tph. Was
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    Paddington Station exit for Santander cycle docking station?

    If you take the lift or escalator from platform 12 to the taxi rank, turn left and take the exit onto SWR.
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    Do trains still operate on the chord from Hanwell to Drayton Green?

    The bin-liner trains from Brentford use the route, also aggregate trains to the Park Royal terminal.
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    Class 345 progress

    I have seen several trains transit between OOC and Westbourne Park in normal running on OTT. It's just treated as a siding.
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    Class 345 progress

    Worse than I thought. I was on 14:13 from Pad and noticed that there were 3 360s at OOC as we passed.
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    Class 345 progress

    Isn't the 6tph to T5 dependent on there being 4tph to T4? As there are now no trains going to T4, can the number of tph to T5 be raised? As a LHR worker, currently non-worker, I will miss the comfortable cl360s.
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    Great Western Railway Heathrow Express Class 387 Refittment and Service Updates

    There are a vast number of ETCS balises now installed on all lines between Paddington and Airport Junction. Maybe all are now installed.
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    Great Western Electrification Progress

    Where the electrification of the lines and branches has been postponed, has the design work been completed and could work start straight away if a decision to proceed was given? How long would it actually take to electrify the Windsor branch? At the moment there must be a lot of trained/skilled...
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    Crossrail opening delayed (opening date not yet known)

    Can I suggest you read the Class 345 thread regarding testing to Heathrow and by the way there are not platform doors at Heathrow stations.
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    Class 345 progress

    The evening shuttles between Hayes and Harlington Loop and Terminal 5 continue. Is this testing or training for the TFL drivers? As a Heathrow worker, I use the TFL service to and from Ealing Broadway so I look forward to the service becoming 4tph. The only thing I do not look forward to are...
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    Class 345 progress

    For my sins I monitored Sunday’s testing on Open Train Times. At the same time it was a good opportunity to check for faults in the OTT Paddington map regarding the Crossrail part of the map; in which case I would report to OTT. In previous Sunday testing, 2/3 units had shuttled between the...
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    Class 345 progress

    No different from previous Sundays. The only services not operating are the Paddington to Hayes and Harlington shuttles, all other services are operating as normal.