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    Safest Place on a Train

    With the above about HST power cars in crashes, in incidences such as Southall the driver retreated behind the Firewall/ Bulkhead at the rear of the cab. In other cases with different traction this principle applied, such as when DP2 ran into Cemflo wagons north of York, he and his assistant...
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    What is the purpose of a fixed distant?

    Several fixed distants around the Worcester area - including two on the gantry at Shrub Hill, one on the Junction Bracket at Henwick and single ones at Wyldes Lane and on the post just outside Foregate going towards Shrub. As well as one with the home controlling the entry on to the Bi-Di north...
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    Morning all, sorry to be a bugbear for this one but a lot of info if you please? 1) MK III's used with 43304 + 43378 1S53 1535 Bristol Temple Meads to Edinburgh 2) MK III's used with 43366 + 43207 that worked 1E63 1527 Plymouth to Leeds 3) 66 that worked 655V 1620 Beeston Sims Mcintyre Ltd to...
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    Urgent TOPS Requests

    Hi all, could someone identify what's working thos later today if possible please: Thanks in advance
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    Urgent TOPS Requests

    Hi all, IET (9 car) that worked 1P31 HFD - PAD on the 27th feb please Many thanks in advance might of been 308 but not sure
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    Class 43 disposals

    43140? Surely that will be taken off reg soon and the remains cut
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    Hereford - Worcester line freight diverts

    Just been looking at RTT, Take it its Colas Loco hauled Engineers? If any information could be shed on this it would be greatly received
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    WMR Class 196 Build and Implementation

    So ive just been going through RealtimeTrains, and in a few weeks there is the night path from Tyseley to Hereford and return again. i doubt it will run though.
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    Class 43 disposals

    no news yet
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    Rainbow Hill Junction and Worcester Triangle resignalling

    yes, it mans that too - but for all intents and purposes it could be automated. also, there are no current plans i have seen for resignalling from Henwick to Ledbury, so could the semaphores last to ERTMS implementation?
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    Rainbow Hill Junction and Worcester Triangle resignalling

    Of this route Newland East Signal Box is an oddity. it has 2 sets of points, 4 lower quadrants, 2 colour light distants and 2 disc shunting signals. I presume its just a block post these days, it used to have a P.A.D (pre assembly depot) but now just serves to keep the frequency of trains as...
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    Trivia: Most annoying sound made by a train

    Try listening to the racket a 172/2 or 172/3 makes on idle or when at a stand. the exhaust pipe housing vibrates so much with the revs it sounds like its going to fall off any moment.
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    Damn, need to see 170515 before she permanently goes to EMR.

    Damn, need to see 170515 before she permanently goes to EMR.
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    GWR Class 165/166 Turbo Diagrams

    one of the Wessex diagrams previously the domain of either a 150 or 158 is now solely in the hands of a 166. however a 158 has appeared on it at least twice: 5V66 1415 St Philips Mrsh H S T D to Bristol Temple Meads 2V66 1440 Bristol Temple Meads to Great Malvern 5C28 1630 Great Malvern to Great...