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    UK Connectivity Review

    I don't think that this analogy is quite right. In Scotland at least, the roads being discussed (A75, A77) are Trunk Roads. Powers to manage and improve the Trunk Road network are devolved to Scottish Ministers amd exercised through Transport Scotland. TS are engaged in a wide-ranging review...
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    Haymarket to Dalmeny electrification

    Judging by this image, I would say that the tripwire, approach lights and "15ft fence" referred to above would all be below the level of any OHLE.
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    Haymarket to Dalmeny electrification

    A Prior Approval notification (21/05894/PA) has been lodged with City of Edinburgh Council by Network Rail for the "Proposed installation of overhead Line Equipment and associated temporary works, Haymarket to Dalmeny". The notification does not have much detail but can be viewed here...
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    Scotrail - Post Covid Consultation - Service Reductions

    See posts earlier in the thread (e.g. #100).
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    Scotrail - Post Covid Consultation - Service Reductions

    I don't think it does get 1tp2h fast. From Glasgow there's fasts at: 0830, 0900, 0932, 1000, 1030, 1200, 1530, 1629, 1734 and 1747. Bit of a gap from 1200 to 1530. Having additional fasts at 1130, 1230 (instead of 1200), 1330 and 1430 would provide a more sensible pattern at the expense of...
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    Scotrail - Post Covid Consultation - Service Reductions

    A bit more detail in this:
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    Scotrail - Post Covid Consultation - Service Reductions E-G to remain half-hourly off-peak and Edinburgh-Inverness to be routed via Stirling, among other changes.
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    Troon Station Fire (17/07/2021)

    Not so. Ayr and some of the Ayrshire and Inverclyde services are among the few that have been running throughout the strike. See Scotrail website for more details.
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    I think the Inter7city branding shown in the link below is what the poster was referring to, which I think is relatively new (certainly don't recall seeing it when I last passed through a few weeks ago).
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    Major disruption at Ayr Station due to dangerous old hotel (from August 2018)

    There are press reports of a feasibility study into options for the station being published Hopefully the report will appear online somewhere soon.
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    December 2020 Timetable Change

    I noticed a difference on the Falkirk High route - there are currently 15 minutes between successive services in the weekday morning and evening peaks and 30 minutes during the rest of the day. From the timetable change, the service reduces to every 30 minutes all day.
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    Edinburgh Tram developments

    First of the tracks now laid at Ocean Terminal (image of tracks under construction).
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    Flood Damage Near Polmont - 12/08/2020

    I see that a typically twice-hourly Linlithgow <> Edinburgh Waverley rail service is to be reintroduced from Monday 14th calling also at Edinburgh Park and Haymarket.
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    Scottish Electrification updates & discussion

    "Plans to decarbonise Scotland’s rail passenger services by 2035 have been launched by Transport Secretary Michael Matheson today (Tuesday 28th July) The Cabinet Secretary was speaking during a visit to ScotRail’s Shields Road electric fleet Depot where he unveiled Transport Scotland’s ‘Rail...
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    Lothian Buses and ECB Discussion

    You can print your journey history by following the 'view your payment and journey history here' link on this page: