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    Ebbsfleet Intl.

    It's a potential road bridge, I think planned to be used for a road to the new thames crossing. That's moved a bit further east, so it might never be used.
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    Thameslink Services/Timetable from May 20th 2018

    That's not a great arrangement for these stations it must happen all the time, I guess 12 car trains would more or less fix it. Stroods been worse since they extended the platforms without anymore monitors. Shame the Thameslink trains don't stop shorter on the straighter part of the platform.
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    Thameslink Services/Timetable from May 20th 2018

    I got on a Thameslink/ train yesterday morning at Strood station, where the train stops at the end of the platform well away from the people waiting in the shelter. I was on the train because I know where to be. But there must have been a group of 15+ getting on and the doors started to close...
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    Thameslink Services/Timetable from May 20th 2018

    I've had none accepted, from 20+ 1 hour delays. I had a few incomplete responses; 'We need to see a copy of your ticket before we are able to process your claim. The Key Smartcard number was not provided.' I know I provided the smart card number (my web browser is familiar enough with that page...
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    Trivia: Rail journeys that used to be much quicker

    Strood to Charlton used to be direct 2 or 3 changes to get there today!
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    VTEC Remove 1st Class Quiet Coach

    Yes, it was coach K. I don't understand why anyone with any sense would choose to make that the quiet coach, surely the far end/s of the train would be best, less people walking through etc. When fitting the staff sitting area the might as well have changed it to the noisy coach.
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    VTEC Remove 1st Class Quiet Coach

    The last two times I was in the VTEC quiet coach I had the pleasure of sitting next to the sliding door separating staff seating, I was able to listen to them flirting with each other whilst listening to music with head phones at a reasonable volume. On one occasion a person sat nearby asked...
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    IE 22000 class or 29000 class

    But as soon as they starting telling you what the distance to the next station is they stop telling you what it's called!
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    Rail cross sections

    According to wikipedia the heaviest rails in the UK are 60 kg/m and in the US 77 kg/m.
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    Runaway train at Landen, Belgium

    Apologies if this has already been posted. From bbc news;
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    Southeastern Livery Change

    Morning, I saw this at Strood today on the 8:34 to Tonbridge today.
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    Stopping short on Eurostar

    I have done both ways, got on and off at Ebbsfleet with a ticket from St. Pancras. I live in Kent the rest of the group that I was travelling with came from newcastle and york so they all got on at St. Pancras, I was booked on the same train and after checking that it stopped at Ebbsfleet I got...
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    Class 395 Modifications

    I've certainly noticed the improved ride quality, it used to feel like a fast version of the dlr trains at 140, they added dampers really make a world of difference.
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    How is HS1 domestic doing

    yeah you've got to give them credit for such new trains they certainly have performed well in the bad weather, but maybe its taken its toll to a certain extent. Some later evening/night services would be a nice addition, 23:55 really isn't that late leaving London. Having been on the late...
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    How is HS1 domestic doing

    That seems suppressing relative to how busy they seem, though i don't know how busy the ashford trains are and they obviously have the biggest gain all-round. They certainly seem to run quite a few trains in 12 car formation during the peak times (Can they open all the doors at every...